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Ac Repair service center in Jhotwara Industrial Area

FAQ - Ac Repair service center in Jhotwara Industrial Area


Get AC servicing when cooling is not as per expectations or AC is not serviced for last 3 months. Regular servicing saves upto 25% on electricity bill and needless to say, it increases the age of your AC.

AC servicing take 20-45 minutes depending on the size of the AC whereas Installation/Dismantle/gas charging of AC may take 30-60 minutes. Time required to repair AC will depend upon the real issue/problem identified by Expert Engineers.

Installation of AC included the laying of pipe, installation of indoor unit brackets, installation of the outdoor unit, connecting the indoor and outdoor unit with piping and setting up electrical connections. During installation, there may be some requirement of other services/material which will be available at additional prices like pipes, gas charging, electrical wires, bracket, stands, conceal for piping, electrical switch etc.

Minimum visiting charges includes the inspection where technician will understand your problem, find out the root cause and recommends the solution. However, after inspection, Technician will let you know the estimated time and charges for recommended solution. And you can decide whether you want us to go ahead with the service or not. However, the minimum charges will be applicable on a visit.

You just need to get society permission to enter your premises and electricity & water connection to get going. Please provide all the necessary material to technician for installation of AC or you can request technician to arrange it for you.

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